Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Representation of Women in Music videos

In this essay I will be discussing how women are represented in the music videos, 50 cent Candy-shop, Lily Allen Hard Out here and Avicii wake me up.

The women in the videos for Candy Shop and Hard Out Here are represented in a completely different way than how they are represented in the video for Stan.

In the video for candy shop the women are seen as they are there just for the man. Their powerless, their just there to be sexy for 50 cent.

In the video for hard out here, at the beginning Lilly Allen says 'and boys be talking about their bitches' as if girls are seen as dogs or objects of desire. Six girls dance round Lily Allen in barley any cloths on and dance in a sexual way. At one point in the video there is a slow motion close up of a girl 'twirking'. There is also a scene where there is a woman cleaning what looks like her boyfriends car alloys in the kitchen. This shows women to look like slaves and goes back to the stereotype; women should always be in the kitchen.

In the video wake me up girls are represented in a completely different way. Girls at looked at in a pretty classy way. At no point in the video there are girls in barlely any cloths dancing sexually.

Overall their is a massive similarity in how women are looked at in the videos for candy shop and hard out here and these two song represent women in a completely different way to wake me up.




What you have here is really good. You engage well with the task and have begun to use examples and some terminology. But the last section needs to be developed fully. Also please watch your use of capital letters.

T: Focus on your last section and fully explain them using multiple specific examples. Pick out all of the technical aspects (Mise-en-scene, editing, lyrics etc)