Thursday, 12 December 2013

lifestyle conventions


There is a model or celebrity on the front cover as the main image and he/she is looking directly at the camera.

Why does the magazine use a model or celebrity on the cover? Why are the looking directly at the camera?
Explain the effect on the target audience.

The reason why a good-looking model looking directly at the camera is used on the front cover of magazines is to attract attention to the audience. Its saying if you buy this magazine I can teach you how to look like me: slim, sexy, attractive and fashionable. And it does literally say it on the example magazine, it says body secrets, '12 ways you're sexy and 117 new style ideas'. The magazine is basically brain washing you in saying that if you pay like £3.00 for a magazine you can look like this model. The model is looking directly at the camera to attract the target audience for the magazine, this is because when you look at the magazine she is looking at you. 

Direct mode of address is used – the magazine is talking to you and makes a direct reference to you lifestyle. ie. Lose Your Gut, Impress Your Girlfriend, New Styles for You!

Find examples of direct mode of address in the above magazine. Why is this used? What effect does it have on the target audience?

The magazine says 12 ways you're sexy and 117 new style ideas already in you're wardrobe. The reason why the magazine is talking directly to the audience is to attract their attention and to brain wash the audience that the magazine was made for them. LIke if they brought the magazine they would get these things (become skinny, look good and get the best cloths). It also only talks to people on the things people would actually care about, want, or maybe insecure about. Magazines are a clever way to brain wash people into buying it, thats why their so successful.

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