Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Questions to apply to my cover

Questions to apply to my cover 

Q1. What two conventions have I used and why?

Q2. What are the effects of my layout, typography, colour choice and language choice.

Q3. What issues of representation have I presented?

A1. My magazine cover had a light pink background with a white fade. This is because the magazine's target audience is teenage girls ages about thirteen and pink is seen as a girly colour. The background is there to make the magazine look attractive, and stand out. 

There is also Harminey Granger on the cover of my magazine in uniform. This is because my magazines target audience is also aimed at school teenage girls, and Harminey is attractive so it makes the target audience think they can be like her if they buy the magazine.

A2. My layout has Harminey in the middle, a title at the top, and magazine adverts round her. At the bottom of the magazine cover there is an advert for 1direction in big bold letters saying '1D GO BIG AT THE 02', this is to make the advert stand out and make people want to get it. There is also an advert that goes over Harminey saying 'Hermione Granger Doesn't star in the next Harry Potter' because the advert is about her. 

I have used the colours shocking pink, baby blue and black on my magazine cover, this is because the magazine's target audience is teenage school girls aged about thirteen and pink and baby blue are girly colours and they stand out. I have used the black for the writing in small because it is easier to read, I have also used black for the subheading 'Being bullied?' this is because bullying is a very horrible dark thing so black suits it and makes it stand out.

I have used a very bold typography to make my magazine stand out and to make the writing easy to read. The smaller writing underneath the sub titles are in the same font just smaller.

I have used a very easy language choice to read, this is because my magazine is aimed at school girls. A lot of my language includes 'you' and 'your' this is to make the target audience believe the magazine is for them and to attract them more.

A3. You can clearly see my magazine cover is for school girls. This is because there is a school girl on the front of my magazine, and the writing is in pink and baby blue which are generally girls colors. The things that are said on the front of the magazine are girly thing s like 'Is your boyfriend cheating on you?' and 'want your crush to like you?'.


This is a really good start, with some sound analysis. 

Really you need to include another convention for question 1.

you could be a little more specific in your answers explaining the effects on the audience. 

You must talk about any issues that there are with the representation you have presented. Are all women/men like that? Do all teenage girls relate to those stories?

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