Thursday, 26 September 2013

evaluating school badge


I think you can clearly see that my school logo has a theme of music. The name ‘majesty’ I thought was very formal and sounds quite posh it also goes with the theme of music. There is a crown at the top because I think it goes with the name majesty. The shield shaped background is in gold to go with the crown. The word ‘majesty’ and the musical note on the shield are in red/black because I think red stands out on gold and because red goes with the word again ‘majesty’. Behind the shield there are records, cd’s and tapes because it has a musical theme. There is a scroll of old paper along the bottom of the shield saying ‘school of music’ stating the obvious it’s a school of music! If I was to change one thing it would be the old paper scroll to a golden scroll or even a black scroll because I think it would go more with the theme. If you were to look at this school badge you would think of a fun easy going school that love to teach and learn music. But if you think of the name its sounds quite formal and strict. thats what I like about the badge you can make your own interpretation and thought about the school. I chose the crown with the color gold and the red with black because they all link together with royalty because the colors red and gold are the royal colors and the crown is what Kings and Queens wear. The tapes, CD's an records are there to make the school look less formal and more fun and convincing to go to.

Overall I tried to make the school look strict and formal and also fun and enjoyable but most of all a school of music, I think I have personally achieved this goal.

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  1. LOGO: A3 - Fantastic logo that offers a clear sense of the connotations and a very good level of photoshop skill.
    T: Start to draw and create your own shapes using the graphic tablets in department.

    EVAL: C1 - You are reflecting on your work but it lacks detail and can only be sound evaluation. At times there are good points, but it suffers from lack of detail.
    T: Add more detail to your evaluation points, and be specific.