Tuesday, 1 October 2013

pop stars

Pop stars are made to look like they live a really good life. Like a man. But what makes a man? in the song  candy shop by 50 cent he drives into a mansion in a really nice expensive looking car, and as he steps out of the car he’s wearing what looks like customized trainers saying ‘g. Unit’ . He walks into the mansion with bling on and a cap. Loads of girls around him are half dressed and one says “welcome to the candy shop”. At one point in the video he’s topless and kissing a girl. This is what the media want you to think a real man is, but some could say that’s not true a real man gets up in the morning goes to work and makes a living for his family. In the dictionary if you look up the word man it comes up with the definition an adult male human being, so you could potentially argue that a normal working man and a pop star are both real men.  But in the urban dictionary it comes up with the meaning someone who is obsessed with women making them sandwiches! There is a stereotype with women making sandwiches for men, but if you look between the lines this really means male dominance. If a male has power over a woman does this make them a real man? Because if you look at Margaret Thatcher you could argue that she was more powerful than any man in the country when she was prime minister. Does that mean when she was prime minister there were no real men in the country? my opinion on a man is a human being that gets up in the morning works hard to feed his family and does good things in life.

50 cent.

normal middle aged working man.

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  1. A different but effective response to the question, using examples throughout and finding extra examples to aid in your answer.