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Serif: a slight projection finishing off a stroke of a letter in certain typefaces.

Sans Serif: A letter or typeface with no serifs

Find a suitable font for each of the following words from dafont.com and change the font of the words below. Explain your choice of font for each word.

this font is modern because its bold and stands out. It has a metallic color to it which makes it modern as we use metal for most things now days.


This font is for kids because it stands out. The letters are spaced out and in capitals making it easier for children to read. The color yellow also makes the font stand out and interesting to children. Behind 'squarepants' there is a highlight in blue to also help it stand out.


This font is for sport because it looks good and looks streamline. The writing is in red to make it stand out. There is a line going through the top of all the letters to make it look cool and stand out. This type of font isn't that clear to read but it doesn't need to be read.


This type of font is masculine because its strong and manly. The font stands out and is clear to read. The font is very square shaped and big. The font is in black to make it dull and big. This sort of font might be used at the front of a magazine for men that go gym.


This type of font is feminine because its very pretty and colorful. All the letters are thin and nicely shaped. They have little flowers growing out of some of them and little curls. All of the letters are different colors to make the font look pretty and stand out. 


This type of font is sophisticated because it is easily read and stands out. Sophisticated means having, revealing, or involving a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture. The font is spaced out, bold and all in capitals making it easy to read. the color of the font is in black to make it formal.

This type of font is bold because it is thick, spaced out and easily read. The writing is in big black bold letters to make it stand out. You would use this type of writing on a poster.


This type of writing is historic because of the style its in. the font has lots of serifs and looks hard to read. You could use this writing in something you are trying to make look historic.

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