Wednesday, 9 October 2013

evaluating our powerpoint


I thought our power point was average. The language used in the script was basic, and vague. The power point had pictures but the whole way through was only pictures of pink. So i think we could have added pictures of other things. Although we haven’t preformed our powerpoint yet i think if we were to the organization would have been good because we have a script to read off which is always better that letting the audience just read off your slides and the powerpoint only had pictures, this is good because your audience wont get bored as easy than if you just had words on your powerpoint. I thought when answering the questions the answers are quite boring for the audience and there isn’t much interaction with the audience.

Overall i think the powerpoint was ok, we answered the questions even though they could have been answered in more detail. The organization was good but there could had been more interaction with the audience.

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  1. Good sense of where you went wrong, but what about what you did well? There are areas that you did well in.